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Identity, Discovery, and Verification for Security

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Nov 3, 2021 • 12:00pm - 4:00pm IST • Virtual

Security isn’t just about protecting bank account numbers, computer passwords, and stockpiling arms. Today, security is determining “Who is this?” Is this person on a sanctioned watchlist? Are they a known disinformation troll on social media?

“Are you who you say you are?” is the $56 billion question that needs to be answered to ensure financial security, cybersecurity, and national defense in information ops.

Verifying the massive number of banking transactions for traditional and crypto banking, and identifying deep fakes and social media manipulators is only possible with AI. Only machines can tirelessly match names, IDs, and mine and predict events from oceans of unstructured data.

In this free virtual event, learn about technology available today that is enabling us to verify identities, anticipate world events, and fight crime.

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Who should attend

Cybersecurity program leaders, financial security and compliance professionals, government defense-related system integrators and contractors

What to expect

  • Keynote address by Asaf Kochan, former Commander of Unit 8200, specializing in the cyberdomain and data-driven analytics powered by AI.
  • Demonstrations of AI solving real-world issues in finance, cybersecurity, and defense.
  • Intensive 15-minute talks by industry experts and researchers diving into topics such as identity verification, predictive intelligence analytics, cyber threat intelligence, event extraction, and information ops.

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